A Season of Controlling the Controllables

Apr 4, 2024 Kim Prior

With so much happening in real estate beyond MLS control right now, understanding and dialing-in what can be controlled is by far a great use of energy. It’s a season of controlling the controllables! One thing an MLS can do is contract with the industry’s proven-best MLS technology partner + platform. We/FBS can help with that!

Now, more than ever, having the right MLS Tech partner can provide priceless peace of mind (and value). What makes FBS that “right” partner? A solid track record of concrete results that make a positive business impact and create value for MLS leadership, brokers, agents. Some of those results include: 

  • Earning the highest levels of MLS customer & user satisfaction, both product & service.
    • Validation of FBS/Flexmls dominance in the industry, FBS came out on top, across the board, in the 2023 T360 MLS Platform Study. This cemented another year in consecutive decades of unrivaled customer service, support, and product ratings, underpinned by our unique employee-ownership culture. 


    • Wrapped 2023 renewing all but one Flexmls client contract while securing eight new MLS customers. Making existing customers happy while adding a new generation of client partners and software users is no small task. It takes focused effort, investment and results. This is a slide that Matty Epstein, our Director of MLS Sales recently shared with attendees at the 2024 Clareity Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona illustrating our impressive 15+ year performance.


  • Delivering reliable, secure MLS system-performance built on national standards with the flexibility to meet the needs of “local” business to help MLS subscribers best serve their customer’s needs.
    • Added to our impressive number of third party product integrations, increasing data depth, improving an MLS/Agent’s ability to serve local customers and sensibly embracing elements of AI. 
    • A groundbreaking collab with Rental Beast and Southwest MLS using the RESO WebAPI and Webhooks to build a new transport method delivering real time (sub 5-second) data transfer, saving time and server costs. 
    • Continued, industry-leading, reliability, security and performance of our technology systems. We keep the engines up-and-running so our MLS customers have peace of mind and our software users can get on with their work. No costly disruptions.
  • Customer and user–informed product innovation that fosters success. 
    • Countless Flexmls Platform enhancements that continue to improve the daily user experience, making work easier and faster (it just keeps getting better!). 
    • Resources, tools and technology that keep MLSs in the driver’s seat regarding Media including a shared implementation toolkit & collaboration hub plus a simple-yet-powerful Flexmls feature-set that enables better, faster electronic collaboration between Agents and photographers/media providers. In the background, and not to be underemphasized, MLSs are securing MLS / consumer friendly media-licensing agreements, ensuring the free-flow and use of media-generated-data for the future. 
    • The launch of Launch, our new MLS dashboard, with Flexmls customers already live. 
  • Industry Leadership for Industry Progress. The experienced, tenured and talented team of FBS employee owners are visible and participating throughout our industry in various initiatives to bolster the MLS. FBS employee-owners are experts who understand the MLS, member needs and the tech + innovations that can propel us all ahead. That deep knowledge shows up boldly in partnership with MLS and industry leaders, helping them innovate, evolve and adapt. 

FBS and the Flexmls Platform lead the way with results – over decades – that speak for themselves. As the only 100% employee-owned MLS technology company, we’re committed to continuing that track record of remarkable results for the long haul alongside our customers, earning our success through their success with products built for user success. Let’s control the controllables together! We’d love to welcome you as an FBS / Flexmls customer in 2024. Schedule a Flexmls demo today.

(A huge thank you to our awesome client-partners with whom we’re fortunate to collaborate with so closely. It’s an honor to innovate and solve problems together, creating success for you and collectively moving the industry ahead in meaningful ways. Consider this blog powerful, performance-data-validation: you and your members already have the best!)