RESO, Rentals & Real Time: See you Wednesday in RAD San Diego!

Oct 23, 2023 Allie Flett

Third-party integrations within the MLS System have been a hot topic around conference circuits, in conversations, and of course, within FBS. Why? Because more and better top-tier product and service integrations improve, enrich, and enhance the local member experience and the services they can provide to consumers.  

At FBS, our goals around third-party-integrations are focused and clear: 

  1. Increase Flexmls data-depth, accuracy, and flexibility through well-executed (deep, seamless, real-time-data), third-party integrations of top-tier products and services.
  2. Implement thoughtfully and reduce the need for multi-platform navigation to make it easy on Flexmls users.
  3. Be an exceptional partner (to MLS and third-party vendors) with premier technology and experienced, responsive staff capable of identifying and executing innovation opportunities that create MLS value.

That last one? The difference maker. We integrate with the intent to add the most value to the MLS and its members. 

We’ve proven these goals with nearly 100 live Flexmls integrations and continue to add more, most recently with comprehensive neighborhood insights via an easy plug-and-play Local Logic module, preliminary AI tools in Flexmls that support accessibility and also detect MLS photo compliance violation, and for our customer Southwest MLS (SWMLS) a recent integration with Rental Beast.

Here’s an illustration of our unique approach to seizing innovative opportunities. The Data Integration and Product teams at FBS partnered with SWMLS to set up the custom third-party integration between Flexmls and Rental Beast. At SWMLS, Rental Beast is being used to enter any residential leases which will then be pulled into Flexmls and available to members for searching and distribution via email subscriptions and syndication. Normally it could take anywhere from 3-8 minutes for that listing data to display in Flexmls, a timeframe worth celebrating as that’s a significant improvement from what used to be the norm – anywhere from 15 minutes to a day!  However, due to the innovative and persistent mindsets, teamwork, and technology between FBS, SWMLS, Rental Beast, and RESO they used real-time events to deliver data with two-way communication, reducing that data-display timeframe down to two secondsfaster than the time it takes to click the ‘refresh’ button on your browser. That’s real-time data synchronization. 

Why is this so important? When rental listings are entered into the third-party system, they’re instantly available for searching, subscription emails, and more within Flexmls. That speed and data accuracy is incredibly valuable. 

Of course, there were challenges and moments of uncertainty. When you’re doing new things, there is no roadmap or precedence, but that’s what makes the accomplishment so much more rewarding! The team ran into obstacles, learned, and made decisions along the way to pursue the best path forward. The results? Precedent-setting work worth celebrating! The cherry on top? Feedback from our valued client-partner, Southwest MLS.

“It is very important to me to have a partner that I can bring a vision to, discuss needs and concerns, and then be able to jointly deliver on that vision. The relationship I have with FBS fosters these types of projects, and in this case, allowed us to deliver an industry-leading solution,” said Richard Gibbens, Executive Director of Southwest MLS. Together, we lead the way! We are so grateful for the trust and opportunity to break new ground!

Want to hear more? You’re in luck!  Tyler Decker, Richard Gibbens, and Shawn Keller will be on stage at RESO on Wednesday, 10/25 talking about the project. We’d also love for you to join FBS as a Flexmls customer. You’ll quickly find that we set the benchmark for MLS Partnerships. It’s the FBS Way and it’s why we’re the proven, premier MLS technology provider – for decades. Some great input from Richard can be found on LinkedIn. Here are a few screenshots for your enjoyment ↓.


Screenshot 2023 10 23 at 9.40.12 AM
Screenshot 2023 10 23 at 9.40.04 AM