3rd Party Brand Usage

Flexmls®, Spark®, and FlōPlan® are registered trademarks of Financial Business Systems, Inc.

Please Do Not:

  • Use the Brand Assets in a way that suggests or implies partnership, sponsorship or endorsement by FBS.
  • Modify or alter the Brand Assets.
  • Incorporate the Brand Assets, or anything confusingly similar, into your trademarks, domain names, logos or similar content.
  • Present the Brand Assets in a way that makes them the most prominent or distinctive feature of what you’re creating.
  • Use the Brand Assets in merchandise or other products such as clothing, hats or mugs.
  • Assert rights over the FBS brand or Brand Assets, whether by domain name registration, trademark registration or anything else.
  • Use trademarks, domain names, logos or other content that imitate or could be confused with FBS or its products.
  • Use lowercase spellings for FBS, Flexmls, Spark, and FlōPlan.



  • Correct:
    • “You scan the property using the FlōPlan® System and receive a floor plan within 24 hours.”
    • “Over 270,000 real estate professionals rely on the Flexmls® Platform.”
    • “The Spark® API is also an FBS product.”
  • Incorrect:
    • “Within 24 hours, you’ll receive the FlōPlan.”
      • This is incorrect for 2 reasons. The result is a floor plan produced by the FlōPlan® System.
    • “You may know us by our software, Flexmls.”
    • “Spark is the best API available.”

For any questions or requests regarding branding, please reach out to marketing@flexmls.com.