Upcoming RESO Board Elections

Nov 10, 2023 Michael Wurzer

RESO has announced the slate of candidates for the RESO Board elections, which will open for voting this coming Monday, November 13. I’m currently the Vice Chair of RESO and would very much like to be re-elected to the Board for another term as Director. There are many really excellent candidates this year, showing the vibrancy of RESO as an organization, but also making it more important for me to make the case as to why I want to continue as a Director and, if so honored, Vice Chair.

As I outline in my candidacy statement (PDF), three of the most important initiatives I’d like to advocate for as a Board member are:

  • Improve the Data Dictionary — The RESO Board just ratified Data Dictionary 2.0, which standardizes many more enumerations for list fields. This version 2.0 will be the most significant update to the Data Dictionary in many years and it will require a lot of work for MLS organizations and their vendors to implement over the coming year. Something I’ve been stressing with the Board before ratification is that as good as the Data Dictionary is, there remains room for improvement to ensure that the implementations occurring now are as standardized as possible. To help with this, RESO created a new Fast Track sub-group to help create important feedback loops to improve the Dictionary as we all work to implement 2.0, so the standard is always getting better rather than cementing into implementations terms that we all can see need to change. Continuing to help the RESO Staff have the resources, policies, and volunteers to do this work is a key priority for me as a Board member. The next year of work will be super important for the long-term success of RESO and MLSs implementing the standard.
  • Real-time All The Time — As a RESO Board member, I’ve been advocating for a focus on real-time data standards for the last two years and am excited to see that priority taking hold with proposals such RCP-028. FBS recently worked with RentalBeast to implement WebHooks for real-time exchange of rental listings and we hope this work continues to push the industry and the RESO standards toward real-time all the time.
  • Media Update — I gave a presentation two RESO conferences ago on why media should be a priority for creating update standards, and I’m pleased to see that work happening, but there’s a ways to go and I’d like to continue as a Board member to continue to focus RESO’s attention on this need. Standardizing how media syncs to the MLS (like Bright MLS is now doing) from photographers, photography companies, brokerages, and others will create benefits for brokers, agents, and MLSs for many years to come, all while helping to keep the MLS as the source for aggregated data and media. This is a critical strategic objective for our industry with all the innovation around media and artificial intelligence.

I hope you see the importance of these priorities for RESO but I’d love to hear your priorities as well, so please comment below. If you or your organization are a RESO member, I also would very much appreciate your vote for me as a Director. As mentioned, there are a lot of candidates that would do a great job and so I hope my candidacy stands out for you so I can continue as a Director for another term.