IDK on IdP? Here’s the 411

Jan 26, 2024 Allie Flett

Before you sign the dotted line on your next contract we want you to consider some important factors: security and reliability, two of the most critical elements of hosting an MLS system. Selecting a dependable Identity Provider (IdP) is important, especially as it relates to facilitating Single Sign-On (SSO) access to essential MLS applications. Without that, vulnerability and the potential for service disruption exists.

What’s an IdP & why is it necessary?

An IdP is the key that unlocks the door. It verifies user identity and is the gateway to multiple applications, providing user access with a single set of credentials. If you are licensing a product for your MLS that requires an IdP, (such as an add-on product that uses its own credentials and is not compatible with your existing MLS vendor), take the time to do your due diligence. For example, making sure you have a reliable IdP as the gateway to an SSO dashboard is an important step so that your members have uninterrupted access to their most essential applications.

Having an IdP that’s reliable is about more than convenience. It’s a matter of providing consistent access to applications, enhanced security, and a support team you can count on— all factors in subscriber/member experience and satisfaction.

What to look for in an IdP:

Uninterrupted Access (Uptime)

The dependency on an IdP for SSO access means that any downtime or interruption in its services directly impacts the accessibility of essential platforms. Agents who rely daily on MLS applications (like Flexmls) to do their job understand the importance of 24/7 access. If your IdP encounters technical issues or experiences downtime, it prevents users from accessing these important applications, disrupting workflows and delaying time-sensitive tasks. Making sure the IdP you’re using has redundancy backups and a consistent track record of product uptime is crucial to uninterrupted access.


Security is a big concern in today’s climate. A dependable IdP should incorporate security measures such as multi-factor authentication and reporting on member tracking and password sharing. An IdP with a focus on security ensures MLSs a higher level of protection against unauthorized access, reducing the risks of potential breaches.

Dedicated Support and Proven Service

MLS administrators don’t have time to troubleshoot IdP issues and frankly, it shouldn’t be their responsibility. An IdP with a dedicated on-call team that is constantly monitoring system availability should be standard. Providers with a proven track record will offer dedicated customer support, quick issue resolution, and ongoing maintenance to ensure uninterrupted access to applications. This dependable support ensures that any technical issues are addressed quickly, minimizing disruptions and keeping MLS members happy.

FBS as Your IdP:

If you use Flexmls for your MLS System and have been looking at other IdP vendors to implement an SSO dashboard, check out the Launch dashboard by FBS. Launch provides MLS members with the convenience of a single sign-on for all their MLS-provided applications, while seamlessly integrating with the FBS IdP and other vendors. The Launch dashboard includes features like MLS-to-member messaging, application ROI reporting, and member education. Best of all, Launch comes with the peace of mind provided by FBS’s extensive and proven track record of reliability, uptime, and service spanning decades. With an IdP, Launch, and Flexmls from FBS, you’ll set your MLS and your members up for the very best in service, technology, and security. Interested? Learn more here.