We are FBS.

Founded and headquartered in Fargo, ND, we’re proudly 100% employee-owned with team members all across the U.S., well-positioned to serve our broad range of MLS customers.

This page was made to help your team get acquainted with ours, so let’s get to it!

FBS Team Flexmls

Getting Familiar: Sales Team

You'll meet a number of FBS employee-owners along the way but the 'small but mighty' sales team is here to help you get acclimated. If you have any questions during your vendor review, you can reach them at sales@flexmls.com.

After his industry debut selling virtual tour imaging software in 2000, Matt took an opportunity to work as a Realtor in Huntington Beach, CA. He's since spent the last 15 years selling MLS software; 8 of which have been with FBS. In his free time, Matt is out catching waves, traveling with his wife and kids, and playing with their dog, Grom.
Matt Epstein
Director of MLS Sales
Dave found his place in real estate technology in 1997, selling Lightning, an MLS access software application. He has worked at FBS for 12 years as VP of Sales, leading the MLS and Broker/Agent sales departments. Living in Scottsdale, AZ with his wife, two kids, and three dogs, you can likely find him out hiking, camping, boating, and exploring the outdoors.
David Rifkin
VP Sales
Prior to joining FBS as CEO in 1997, Michael enjoyed a seven-year career in law. Under his thoughtful vision and leadership, FBS has evolved to embrace industry demands and changes while experiencing unmatched growth and customer retention. In the industry, Michael is respected as a dedicated thought leader and innovator responsible for a number of game-changing MLS industry firsts.
Michael Wurzer
After nearly 6 years of learning the industry and managing FBS’s (epic) events, Katie transitioned to the sales team. She remains focused on ensuring exceptional experiences for both new and existing client-partners.
Katie Kapel
Business Development Manager
A bridge between the sales and Customer Success team, Chris supports FBS client-partners with FlōPlan, Flexmls, and SSO Dashboard projects while helping to identify opportunities across FBS products and the ever-changing market.
Chris Evenson
Account Manager
Gina previously worked as a Project Coordinator for a bio-tech company. These skills lend themselves well to her contract administration and 'whatever the guys need' work in the sales department. In her free time, Gina enjoys reading, entertaining, cooking, and spending time with her husband, 3 kids, and 2 dogs.
Gina Moye
Sales Coordinator

FBS is the Name, MLS is Our Game.

Innovation & Industry Firsts

For decades, the annual FBS Summit mantra has been, “let your voice be heard”. That same curiosity and desire to collaborate has grown over the years, and as have our efforts to work more intimately with customers. In the last 6 years, our User Research team has completed 270+ projects across 16,000+ participants. Through this work, FBS client-partners can trust that product enhancements are driven by data and a deep understanding of subscriber needs and how they work.

A Partner Committed to Making Your Market Work

Exclusively focused on products that align with the objectives and future success of our MLS client-partners, it’s FBS’s promise to always have your best interest in mind.

Famously Flexible
Mindfully Mobile
Picture Perfect

Your Business, Your Way

Through the Flexmls Administrative Module, MLS staff have extensive control over system and database field modifications. Easily change labels and settings to align with specific business rules, add fields and constraints (validations), and respond to the changing real estate environment – all without programmatic changes to the system by FBS.

In response to market conditions, the local MLS staff can also efficiently create or change all listing reports, views, searches, and fields on a global basis. Similarly, agents can customize reports, views, search templates, and even create custom emails and settings within each client portal.


Anytime, Anywhere Access

Written by FBS developers and accessible from any device, the Flexmls mobile solution is the only real-time (listing data and contact info updated immediately) native MLS application.

Using a mobile device, members can search nearby listings based on GPS location, draw on a map, edit listings, add photos, view private property details, go to 3rd party apps, and manage important contact data like saved searches and client portals. Notably, the native apps allow for seamless two-way data flow: any saved search, contact, listing cart, etc. created on a phone will immediately be available on a desktop or vice-versa.


It's All in the Details

Flexmls Web allows an unlimited number of high-resolution photos, including “Retina” capable images, for every listing. Easily upload all photos, of any size and resolution, in one single drag-and-drop step. Flexmls stores photos in various resolutions in order to deliver the best photo at the fastest rate, based on the detection of the viewer’s screen. Consumers receive the same high-res photos as are available on the private side.

Privacy preferences are equally important. In Flexmls, it’s easy to mark a listing’s photos as private or private while off-market. This removes photos and other media, like videos and virtual tours, from public view but keeps them available in the MLS.

Getting Familiar: Customer Success Team

It's all in the name. Our Customer Success Team is the next line of contact in the Flexmls onboarding journey. Having artfully mastered the implementation process, they also manage training, documentation, and are your resource for MLS questions and projects. Kendra, Melissa, Josh and Adam are likely to be your first contacts.

Kendra is a North Dakota native, Oxford Comma proponent, and Fargo Film Festival enthusiast who joined the FBS team in 2006. She proudly leads the Customer Success team, a team fully devoted to the needs and success of our MLS Partners. Kendra works closely with MLS staff and nearly every department at FBS. She means it when she says that she is happy to help.
Kendra O'Brien
Director of Customer Success
Melissa is a North Dakota native. In 2006, she joined FBS as its lead trainer. Since then she has become the Senior Customer Onboarding Manager for the Customer Success team. She works primarily with MLS admin staff, overseeing the onboarding process for new Flexmls customers. In her free time, she enjoys wrangling her three-year-old son and is an enthusiastic participant in her monthly "book" club.
Melissa Feeken
Senior Customer Onboarding Manager
Josh joined FBS in 2013 as a member of the Customer Success team and is currently the lead Flexmls trainer. Over the past 15 years he has lived in Montana, Mississippi, Louisiana, Washington, D.C., North Dakota, and Texas. Although he was born and raised in Montana, Josh considers himself an honorary southerner and enjoys attending anvil shoots, crawfish boils, and using the word “y’all” with impunity.
Josh Hernandez
Education Manager
Adam works with MLS staff and internal teams to find sustainable solutions to complex problems. Unofficially, he does just about everything, and he accumulates titles (official and unofficial) faster than his driveway gathers snow during Fargo winters. When not helping MLSs with complex use cases he’s generally outdoors goofing around with his dogs.
Adam Troxell
Solutions Manager
Superior Support
Embedded Education
Fearlessly Fast

The It Factor

Maybe it’s the North Dakota-nice, maybe it’s the pride of an employee-owned company, but with a CSAT of 98%, it proves the FBS Support team has whatever ‘it’ is.

Learning new features couldn’t be easier with 24/7 access to our multi-media Admin and Agent Academies. Run into a snag? Our helpful support team is just a quick call away.

Training Where You Need It

System training shouldn’t be one-size-fits-all, but it should be convenient.

The only MLS software on the market to provide in-system training, Guided Help is Flexmls’s integrated education solution. Informational tips and instructions are layered over system areas (ex. Quick Search, Map Search, Subscriptions), allowing member subscribers to quickly and easily learn more about the feature without hassle.

Reliability, Guaranteed

Using a single code base creates consistent, reliable software, reduces custom coding, and allows FBS to stay ahead of the industry with innovation in our development pipeline.

FBS provides a fully redundant data center and fully supported backup platform to ensure a system that is available and reliable. FBS guarantees an average page delivery time of less than one second and system uptime of 99.9%. Performance guarantees are established in the contract for all FBS-hosted databases, ensuring that we meet and/or exceed our customers’ expectations.

Because FBS is focused exclusively on the MLS, our development team is efficient at bringing value to back-end workflows that minimize mouse clicks and make life…simpler.

Beneath the front-facing features, you’ll find an impressive (and ever-growing) range of tools that support the efficiencies and ease of use the Flexmls Platform is known for. We’re breaking down the latest developments below.

The Spark® API: Future-Proof Your MLS

The first MLS vendor-created, standards-based Application Program Interface (API), Spark enables innovation. Built with MLSs and broker control, Spark allows any new technology vendor access to data like listings, photos, searches, and more.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎•  Supports RESO Platinum Certification.
‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎•  Ensures full data portability, reducing duplicate entry.
‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎•  Developed using open standards. 

Learn More

The FlōPlan® System: Affordable Floor Plans

Every home has a flow and every listing needs a floor plan. The FlōPlan app built for iOS and Android changes the game for floor plan technology.

• ‎ ‎Scanning takes minutes and can be done by an agent, homeowner, or photographer.
• ‎ ‎In 24 hours, a complete floor plan can be uploaded to the listing directly within the FlōPlan app.
• ‎ ‎No extra training, equipment, or steps!

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In It to Win It, Together

We’d be honored to partner with you and look forward to continuing the conversation.


– With gratitude,

The FBS team