Under the Hood Series: Flexmls Apps – We love it when Users tell the story!

Aug 20, 2014 Michael Wurzer

So far, I’ve explained the importance of a standards-based API structure and illustrated how “plugging” systems into that structure provides significant edge. Today, I’ll bring mobile apps into the conversation and share feedback from one of our users.

The suite of Flexmls Mobile Apps will include Flexmls for iPhone, Android and tablet (iPhone is launched and available in the App store, Android and Tablet are still in development). These are native applications; powered by the Spark API, (Flexmls web and mobile are both powered by same data platform). This provides speedy access to the full MLS experience (including customer information, favorites and saved searches).

That means Flexmls mobile apps will be:
1. Fast. Because the user-interface is already downloaded on the device, only the data must be refreshed (a web app has to reload the entire page on most requests).
2. Easy to use. Agents know their MLS system; mobile will look and behave the same.
3. Powerful. Same search power as web. Data synchs across systems in real time.
4. Time saving. You can start on your desktop and finish in the car or on the plane.

But don’t let me tell you that – after all, I’m the marketing person; you know, the one responsible for promotion? Allow me to introduce you to Jeremy Hart. Jeremy is an Associate Broker with Nest Realty, in Blacksburg, VA. He loves cool apps, powder deep snow, and bourbon, (according to him, not necessarily in that order!). Most importantly, he’s not part of our marketing department and can provide real-life, unbiased input.

Recently, Jeremy tweeted about how happy he is with Flexmls for iPhone. It prompted me to connect with him personally to understand the specifics around his tweet and here’s what he had to say:

“What I love most about the about the App is its’ simplicity. When I need to do a quick- search for a property, I just type in the address and the app starts to automatically populate. I don’t have to click through and filter a bunch of stuff to get a quick result. It’s precisely what I need when I’m mobile.”

I also asked Jeremy what problems the App has solved for him and he answered that by saying it enables him to be on-the-go with all the answers: “When I’m out at a house, I need answers fast: whether seeing what’s for sale around us (and showing instruction), or, looking up something quickly to answer a question. Flexmls on my iPhone is quick and intuitive for those times when I’ve left my tablet at the office, don’t have the showing sheets with me and still need to get the job done.”

He finished the conversation by telling me that simplicity and speed make Flexmls for iPhone a great tool for him: “It’s about simplicity. Sometimes, App creators try and overcomplicate things by making apps do too much. Flexmls for iPhone gets me what I need when I need it”.

Thank you Jeremy for the great feedback about Flexmls for iPhone. It’s great to hear validation that we’re hitting our goals: delivering products that empower you to easily collaborate with your customers on the go, in real time, with accurate information!

Until next time, be well.
Kim Prior