Big Updates to Flexmls Mobile Web (Coming Wednesday)!

Aug 18, 2014 Michael Wurzer

On August 20 (this Wednesday), we’ll be releasing a major new update to Flexmls Mobile Web, furthering our overall strategy of using the Spark API to power a suite of mobile applications providing a consistent user experience and data across multiple platforms, including Flexmls for iPhone and now Flexmls Mobile Web as well. (For Flexmls users, click here to register for a webinar on the new features.


In addition to bringing to Mobile Web the same design aesthetic as Flexmls for iPhone, this update to Mobile Web includes some major new features:

  • Quick Launch — The same Quick Launch functionality available in Flexmls Web and Flexmls for iPhone is now available in Flexmls Mobile Web. Quick launch is both incredibly easy to use and powerful. Using a simple text box, you can access all the data in Flexmls with a few words or even letters. Want to access a recent search, just click in the box and suggestions will appear. Want to look up a listing? Just enter the MLS# or address. Want to start a search? Just type (or speak!) a few terms like Active, Residential $300k+, 4 bed, 2 bath, and just start your next search. Want to lookup another MLS member or one of your contacts? Just type a few letters and you’ll be prompted with matches. Quick Launch is great on desktop but even better on your phone because it allows you to access so much so quickly and easily.
  • Quick Searches — All the same Quick Search templates you use in Flexmls Web are now available in Mobile Web as well, providing a familiar experience with all the same power you’re used to on the desktop.
  • Saved, Recent and Favorite Searches — All the same saved, recent, and favorite searches you have in Flexmls Web are now available through Mobile Web.
  • Edit and Save Searches — Searches you edit and save in Mobile Web are now available when you return to your desktop or laptop, and vice versa. You can start a search on your desktop or laptop and finish it at your client’s house on your phone!
  • Customer Portals — Your customers accessing their customer portals also will see the new user interface as well.

As mentioned above and written about previously by me (here and here) and even more recently by Kim, the investment we’ve made in building out the Spark API to cover not just listings but also critical customer data like saved searches, contact information, favorites, and more, is now starting to pay off for our customers by powering our mobile suite of applications.

We have a lot more coming toward the end of the year with customer portals being added to Flexmls for iPhone, an Android version, as well as major updates to customer portals on Flexmls Web. As Kim loves to say, stay tuned!

P.S. Don’t forget to register for the webinar!