The Message Is Muddled Today -- From FSBO's to NAR's Archive or Library

Nov 13, 2008 Michael Wurzer

There’s been quite a bit of controversy over whether is now accepting FSBO’s or not, which means it probably wasn’t the best day for Move, Inc., and NAR to announce that Move has been hired to build the NAR’s “library” or “archive” or whatever it’s being called today.   That Move was selected some time ago hasn’t been a big secret but I wonder how agents and brokers in the field will take the news that NAR is investing even more with Move?

From my perspective, if NAR really is intent on building a library, hiring Move is a reasonable decision.  I know several of the technical people at Move and they are some of the best in the business at massive data aggregation.  Many will complain, no doubt, that the web site hasn’t kept up with competition, but the library or archive project primarily is about data aggregation.  Of course, buying Zillow might have been a better investment, but that was probably too expensive.