FSBO's on Realtor.com?

Nov 13, 2008 Michael Wurzer

ForSaleByOwner.com is promoting a new way for sellers to get their listings on Realtor.com with “[n]o need to be listed in your local MLS or work with local agents.”  Further, they are claiming this has something to do with the settlement of the VOW litigation between the NAR and DOJ.  (I suppose one could argue that some of the FTC and other litigation involving limited service listings is relevant here, but the claim above is regarding the VOW litigation settlement.)

I think this is just a gimmick, and really has nothing to do with the litigation or anything other than an attempt by ForSaleByOwner.com to make more sales.  Their web site says, “You will work with our partner – a broker affiliate – who will help you complete the paperwork.”  And Realtor.com’s FAQ (PDF) regarding “Showcase Listings” makes clear that only REALTORS are allowed to participate.  So, this is just another version of a limited service listing, not some revolution in policy regarding FSBO’s.