The Freedom to Choose

Jun 18, 2013 Kim Prior

There have been a number of blog posts published during the last two weeks concerning the CAR/dotloop situation – including Inman News coverage of both the details and then, CAR’s documented position. The basis of the dotloop/CAR argument hits some important industry values square in the nose: freedom, flexibility and choice. So, whether the topic of online forms/form vendors sets your world on fire or not, a core industry principle is being challenged right now: the freedom to choose.

Competitive markets require choices. Eliminating choice or mandating any one solution in any industry or market suppresses innovation. On the flip-side, freedom to choose lets market competition find the best solution, while inspiring innovation and ensuring that users get the very best products technology allows. Hence, freedom of choice is vital to our professional growth and our ability to add increasing value to customers. As a real estate professional, it’s a good time to let your voice be heard. Because even if the product being debated isn’t relevant to you today…it very well might be tomorrow.

As I was compelled to highlight the significance of this particular situation, I was equally inspired to express how  freedom of choice is a key driver in product development here at FBS – demonstrated so clearly with our Spark Platform. And while it may seem like a shameless plug, it’s germane to the topic. (Ok, well maybe it’s little bit of a shameless plug…)

FBS created the Spark platform specifically to inspire more innovation, choice and competition. Spark enables real estate professionals to explore and purchase products and services that are the best fit for their unique needs. No restrictions on number of vendors per category. No mandatory use of Spark’s API. No preferential treatment and no exclusivity that precludes vendors from selling their products in other real estate storefronts. The Spark platform exemplifies freedom, choice and flexibility – the same reasons so many people enter the real estate business.

We’re eager to speak with developers, MLSs and brokers who want that freedom to choose; please drop by Spark Store to learn more or, e-mail me directly at

Let’s grow and innovate – let’s Spark.