Tales from the Wild: Local, Regional or Data Share? FBS Has You Covered!

Feb 10, 2022 Allie Flett

Data sharing, regionalization, or local and independent — these are the options available to an MLS when it comes to a path for future growth. How do you know which one is best for your MLS and members? At some point, it’s likely every market and MLS will grapple with these decisions. Many factors need to be considered. Time and time again, FBS is relied upon as the partner to support these decisions with both the team and technology to make it happen. In a blog mini-series during the next four weeks, we’ll share some real-world examples, from markets all around the US, that demonstrate our ability to work closely in collaboration with our MLS partners to make their unique models successful for the MLS and members alike. You’ll also gain insight from MLS Staff and FBS staff involved with the work. No matter large or small, local and independent, regionalization or data sharing, we can help make the market work for your unique objectives, members and real estate customers.

Regardless of the model chosen, there will be challenges to overcome and problems to solve. It’s important to have a partner with the team and technology to help you overcome the challenges and get to the desired outcome. We hope by sharing our real-life stories of MLS growth, you’ll gain understanding and confidence in FBS as that MLS success partner.

Please consider subscribing to the FBS blog (if you haven’t already), share it with peers and check out our upcoming series. We love engagement, so please reach out any time along the way with questions or to chat about some of the decisions your MLS is making to understand how we can help.