New CRM Released in the Spark Store

Aug 6, 2019 matt


The iMaxCRM is now integrated with Flexmls, powered by the Spark API® and available to Flexmls Subscribers in the Spark Store.  

The app is a powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) service that fits neatly into the Flexmls and Spring user experiences. It’s already been successfully tested with several MLSs. 

Here’s How it Works:

The CRM app enhances Flexmls features by plugging in new ways to automate the Contact list. With Spark as the backbone, information flows seamlessly between Flexmls, Spring and iMaxCRM.

SpringIDX iMaxCRM1.1

iMaxCRM schedules automated messages called Campaigns to a list of contacts within the system. Campaigns allow contacts to receive messages based on their “point-of-origin” (the system they came from). This feature allows brokers, teams, and agents to maximize the efficiency and scale of their operations. Communication and follow-up is fully automated during real estate market cycles. 

For example, consider this typical workflow: 

  1. A customer finds a listing on a Spring MLS Portal or a Spring IDX website and submits a “Request More Information” form.
  2. The portal/site saves the customer’s contact information to the Spark API and is immediately available on iMaxCRM. 
  3. iMaxCRM automatically imports the contact and notes to the point of origin. 
  4. Based on the origin, iMaxCRM automatically assigns the contact to an existing Campaign.

As specified by the Campaign, the contact receives an instant SMS/text message thanking them for registering. The text message is then followed by an email with information about the listing. After that, the automated Campaign continues to stay in touch with regular market updates, holiday messages, and any other messaging that has been indicated within the Campaign settings. Inside iMaxCRM, contact information, and activity is available for review (this includes their Collections and Saved Searches). iMaxCRM also works with Zillow in the same way. 

For more information, watch this video, then click on iMaxCRM in the Spark Store within Flexmls to purchase iMaxCRM.

The industry-leading Spark API enables data to flow seamlessly between applications creating efficiency for real estate agents. Interested in integrating your App or software product with the Spark API? Start here!

For more information about the Spark Platform, contact Matt Fowler