Greg and Dan Leaving eNeighborhoods

May 13, 2008 Michael Wurzer

Inman reports today that Greg Robertson and Dan Woolley are leaving their leadership roles at eNeighborhoods the end of this month.  Stu Siegal and Dave Meyer, the founders, have already left.   What interests me most about this news is what Greg and Dan will be up to next.

I’ll make them sound old when they aren’t by this, but I’ve looked up to both of these guys and their achievements in the real estate software industry for a long time.  From the early days founding Iris and the Lightning line of software products to their huge accomplishments at eNeighborhoods, including revolutionizing IDX aggregation for RE/MAX and Realogy.

Given their past success, I’m confident whatever these guys take on next will be huge and, most important, hugely satisfying for them.  If you’re interested, you can keep track of Dan at Tzetze Fly and Greg at Vendor Alley.