Better Business Bureau Strong Arm Sales Tactics

May 13, 2008 Michael Wurzer

I received a voice mail today from a guy saying he is with the Better Business Bureau here in North Dakota and indicating he has “some reports on our company” or something like that.  As I’m listening, I’m thinking, whoa, that’s pretty weird.  So, I call the guy and leave a voice mail and he calls me back in a few minutes.  He starts the call out the same exact way, but then quickly spins it into a sales pitch for being “certified” by their service.  It’s a good sales pitch, but the whole time I’m thinking, crap, I’ve just been duped by the Better Business Bureau!  I would never have returned the call had I known it was a sales pitch and my guess is this guy was plenty experienced with that and new the effect his not-so-vague voice mail would have.  After about two or three minutes of pitch, culminating in the $895 “value”, I said I’d need time to think about it, really just wanting to get off the phone, and the guy immediately launched into close mode with his “what objections do you have”, blah, blah, blah.  I wanted to just let him have it for what I felt was an abusive sales call from the Better Business Bureau of all places, but I didn’t want to get a bad “report” either and so I decided I’d just vent by blogging.  🙂