Grabbing the Bull by the Horns

Apr 19, 2007 Michael Wurzer

NAR CTO Mark Lesswing grabbed the RETS bull by the horns today to drive the process forward with deliberate speed. The RETS community voted to have Mark appoint a team to define a governance structure and process for RETS, and, wasting absolutely no time, he did just that. The team consists of Mark himself as the leader, Gregg Petch from MRIS, Peter Spicer from REInfoLink, Ryan Bonham from Transparent Technologies, Matthew McGuire from Marketlinx and, I’m honored and humbled to say, me as well. Being included by Mark with these industry leaders is a true honor and I look forward to helping however I can.

The team is charged with making recommendations for a new governance process and structure before the next RETS meeting in August so the entire community can review, discuss and vote on the proposal at that time. After that, the interim team is automatically dissolved. So, by design, this will be a short and sweet effort to streamline RETS governance and provide a path for moving forward for the long-term. Mark also wasted no time in getting some action going in the work groups, bringing to a vote selection of Gregg Larson from Clareity Consulting to lead the marketing work group. Gregg brings tons of experience and insight to this effort and has a lot of commitment and passion for the real estate industry.

In his morning presentation, Mark provided the community a glimpse into what appears to be a comprehensive vision for moving RETS forward, including ideas for making 1.x more accessible while also moving 2.0 ahead at the same time. Mark also clearly recognized the importance of RETS to the regionalization efforts on going across the country. The bottom line is that Mark has provided an awesome spark to the RETS process and it’s going to be exciting to participate in this effort.