Flexmls Quick Launch or How You Can Talk Back to Your MLS System

Jun 9, 2014 Michael Wurzer

On June 12, FBS will be releasing a new feature for its Quick Launch function that allows you to start an MLS search by typing search terms in the Quick Launch box. Here are a few examples:

newsearch1  newsearchAfter we release this new feature to Flexmls Web, we’ll next be including it in our new Flexmls Mobile Web system to be released at the end of June. We also expect to have it in Flexmls for iPhone soon as well.

One of the cool aspects of the Quick Launch is that it works pretty well with the voice input option on your phone (or desktop, if you have


a mic set up). Here’s a video of me trying it out on the upcoming version of Flexmls Mobile Web. As you’ll see, using the voice dictation requires some experimentation to see what works and what doesn’t, but I hope it turns out to be a useful way to start a search.

One of the nice features of the Quick Launch is that you can specify a search template by name so you get launched into the appropriate search where you can add other more sophisticated criteria that might be hard to dictate or type in natural language. In this way, we’ve tried to combine both a bit of natural language processing with a more traditional form search, so you can get started quickly and advance from there.

In addition to starting a search, you can use Quick Launch to look up other content in the MLS system such as an MLS #, address, contact, another MLS member, or saved search. With all this content readily available in one spot on all of our platforms, I look forward to hearing all of our users talking back to the MLS system soon!