Flexmls for iPhone v1.0.4 – Talking Back to Your MLS

Jun 12, 2014 Michael Wurzer

Photo Jun 12 11 10 35 PMApple has been reviewing and approving new versions faster than usual, so I’m pleased to report that Flexmls for iPhone version 1.0.4 is available for download. This new version includes the ability to start a listing search using the quick launch, which I wrote about a few days ago.

That post featured a video showing how you can talk back to your MLS system using the new quick launch listing search. I shot the video using our new Mobile Web system, which we’re aiming to release later this month. Now that Flexmls for iPhone includes this new feature ahead of our Mobile Web release, I should note that iOS allows for more dictation choices with the web text box control than it does in the native application text box. I guess the reason is Apple figures punctuation is only needed in bigger text areas like emails and so doesn’t anticipate needing punctuation or special symbols like the equals sign (=) in the smaller text box. Anyway, typing in the box works great and you can still experiment with the voice input.

Let us know what you think! The release also includes a number of bug fixes, so please download the new version as soon as you can.