Don't Work for Someone Who Doesn't Blog

Oct 17, 2007 Michael Wurzer

Tony and Danilo from real/diaBlog wrote a post today called 5 Reasons Why Brokers Should Require Agents to Write Blogs.   I think this should be turned around, agents should only work with a broker who blogs.  Or, more generally, before taking a job, employees should ask whether their boss blogs or not.

Now, given that I’m the President of FBS, this might seem like a completely self-serving or biased perspective, and you might be right.  But, over the last six months as I’ve been blogging, I’ve come to fundamentally believe that there are few better ways for someone responsible for strategy to do their job than blogging.   Writing requires thinking and writing publicly subjects your thinking to scrutiny.  Blogging also helps communicate your thinking to those both inside and outside the company, another job of a leader.

So, if your broker doesn’t blog, ask why.  Or, better yet, become a broker yourself or find one that does.