Oct 15, 2007 Michael Wurzer

If I weren’t rushing to catch a plane, I’d search for a Homer Simpson graphic to go with this post, because it definitely belongs.  [imagine head slap graphic here]

I was supposed to fly to Phoenix this morning with Greg Kilwein from FBS on an early morning (6:40 a.m.) United flight through Denver.  Greg doesn’t travel much for the company and so I made the flight reservations and printed off his boarding passes the night before.  I was waiting for him in front of the security gates to give him his boarding passes, and he didn’t show.

I called him on his mobile phone, called his home and upset his wife (I’m sorry!), and neither of us could figure out where he was.  Thinking he must have gotten in an accident or something, I decided not to go through security and went looking for him.

Well, most of you have already figured this out:  He printed his own boarding passes and was already through security, and I was the dolt waiting outside!  Of course, I missed the flight and so am now in Minneapolis, scheduled to leave on a Northwest flight arriving at 12:30 p.m.   Doh!