Developers, Check Out The New iOS client for the Spark API

Jan 31, 2013 Michael Wurzer

We’re excited announce the availability of SparkiOS, which is an open-source Objective-C implementation for the Spark API. You can check out the code and documentation on Github. Here’s a quick description from the repository:

The SparkAPI object is designed as a standalone Objective-C interface for use with the Spark API. It implements Spark authentication via the Hybrid or OpenID methods. API calls per HTTP method provide a high-level Spark API interface and return a JSON results array on success while handling errors like session expiration for the client.

This project includes an example iPad and iPhone app that makes use of SparkAPI object to authenticate via Hybrid or OpenID methods, search listings, view listings, view an individual listing with photos and standard fields, and view a user account. View app screenshots for iPad and iPhone.

Also, don’t forget, we also have clients written in Ruby and PHP for you Rails and PHP developers. We also expect to have an Android client available shortly, so stay tuned.