Awesome Competitors

Jan 28, 2013 Michael Wurzer

Competition is fierce in the MLS software business. We’re constantly waging battles for new customers, new features, and improved service and market share. Yet, I’m proud and happy to say that our relationships with our competitors sometimes transcend business, as it did for me just recently with the passing of my father.

In addition to numerous condolences from friends, family, and customers, I’ve been contacted by many others in the industry with kind words in remembrance of my dad. While being cognizant and thankful for all the kind thoughts and prayers coming our way, two stand out for me from the many because they come from two of our competitors, Rapattoni and Solid Earth.

Andy and Niki Rapattoni were two of the earliest to send their condolences, with individual messages from each. Matt and Bill Fowler from Solid Earth also reached out by email and sent a card that I received today. The card was signed with personal notes from Matt, Bill, Kayla, and Lauren, all from Solid Earth. These aren’t just competitors, they’re class acts. Sometimes competition is less important than recognizing the people involved, and I’m incredibly touched by their kindness.

I’m proud to compete against these companies and to call them friends.