Beaches MLS + FBS
and The Flexmls Platform

A Partnership That Keeps Getting Better

Progress. That’s what we do. 

Through the years, we’ve worked closely together: listening to needs, understanding business challenges, and delivering an innovative, standards-driven, flexible MLS platform. One that facilitates your growth while keeping your platform hyper-local and hyper-custom so your members shine.

Together, we’ve provided your members with a powerful, rock-solid system that feels like it’s made for them, helping them do their jobs as local leaders every day. For you, that’s meant having competitive technology and a consistent partner as a trusted foundation to fuel continued growth.

Today, we have another opportunity to make progress together. We’re excited to partner with you for listing entry, with our Spark API as the open framework database that quickly and seamlessly unifies your listing entries, with no downtime for members.

Let’s Celebrate the Wins Together
Continue to Grow and Scale with FBS at Your Side

Paving the Way
Peace of Mind


Your business is our business. We listen, understand, and respond to challenges with technology that helps you and your members compete…and win.  Let us do the heavy lifting, while you continue to grow, with a system customized to your members that embraces standards and empowers Beaches MLS as a leader.

Paving the Way

Spark API is API technology that has paved the way for the entire industry. Seamlessly unify the Beaches MLS listing entry database with no disruption of service for your members using the Spark API. Today, it’s the most widely utilized and reliable API across the entire industry, setting the standard for everyone else to catch up to.

FBS is the Name, MLS is Our Game

40+ years serving MLSs, renewing nearly 100% of our MLS customer contracts for decades, and your trusted MLS platform provider for 15 years. We’ve met every challenge with leadership and will continue to do so as the industry changes and grows in the future. Your leadership team can rest easy knowing…we aren’t going anywhere!

Don't Just Take Our Word for it - Your Team Said it Best!


Serving the MLS for 40+ Years

Because FBS is focused exclusively on the MLS, our development team is efficient at bringing value to back-end workflows that minimize mouse clicks and make life…simpler.

Beneath the front-facing features, you’ll find an impressive (and ever-growing) range of tools that support the efficiencies and ease of use the Flexmls Platform is known for. We’re breaking down the latest developments below.

In It to Win It, Together

We’re grateful for the opportunity to be your Listing Entry provider and look forward to discussing this further.

– With gratitude,

The FBS team