Browser Compatibility

Flexmls MLS System

We often get asked, “what browsers are compatible with Flexmls® Web?” This page is intended to answer that question. Before diving into the details, though, understanding that browser compatibility is not a black and white or clearcut issue is critical.

First, the short answer is that Flexmls Web works best with the most current version (that is at least six months old) of Edge, Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. Running the most up-to-date version of your browser is a good practice for security reasons and to take advantage of the newest features of your favorite browser.

Second, the longer answer is that applying general rules to browser compatibility questions probably is a mistake. Even the same version of a browser will behave differently on different computers and, as a practical matter, there are infinite hardware and software configurations. (This variability is exacerbated even further with mobile operating systems, such as iOS and Android. The Flexmls Web Browser Usage Information below only lists desktop browsers for now; we’ll be aiming to add mobile versions later, but the general policies listed below apply to mobile versions as well.) Even though applying general rules to browser compatibility issues is challenging, we also know customers want and need some guidance on the best browsers for working with Flexmls Web and so that’s what we attempt to provide here.

In sum, the practical reality is that Flexmls Web will work just fine on many browsers and browser versions that do not meet the criteria outlined below and, for others, some of those listed below may encounter issues for their particular installation. FBS is committed to working with all our users to determine the best browser for your computer and to help you get the most out of Flexmls Web.

General policies:

  • What do we mean by “compatibility” and “supported browser”? As noted above, Flexmls Web works well with many browsers not listed in the Flexmls Web Browser Usage Information below and so one could say they are “compatible” browsers. Similarly, FBS will answer “support” calls on many browsers even if they are not listed below. If, however, you’re using a browser that does not meet the criteria listed below, then we likely will recommend that you upgrade to a “supported” browser as a first action toward resolving a bug report. That doesn’t mean we won’t try to fix the bug you reported; rather, it’s just a starting point for our trouble-shooting. We recognize some users are using corporate computers and don’t have the authority to upgrade their browser without IT approval. We also realize upgrading may not be the fastest or easiest approach for you when you’re in the middle of getting out a report for a customer, so we want to minimize upgrading as a solution. At the same time, the reality is that upgrading often is the best solution and we use the guidelines and information below to guide that advice. In the end, it is up to each user to determine whether upgrading is best for you at that moment.
  • Current Version of Major Browsers. Within six months of release, Flexmls Web supports the most current version of the four major browsers, Microsoft’s Edge, Google’s Chrome, Apple’s Safari, and Mozilla’s Firefox.
  • Immediately Prior Version of Major Browsers. Flexmls Web also supports the immediately prior version of the four major browsers, if it also meets all other criteria (e.g., at least 5% usage rate). Fortunately, as shown below, companies like Google, Safari, and Mozilla either require or are quite good at getting their users to upgrade to the most recent version.
  • 5%+ Usage Rate on Flexmls Web. To be recommended, a browser must have at least 5% usage on Flexmls Web.
  • Manufacturer Support. To be recommended, a browser must be supported or recommended by its manufacturer.


Flexmls Web Browser Usage Information

Browser Chrome: Edge: Firefox: Safari:
Flexmls Usage 65.7%  15.2% 3.8% 15.2%

*Data includes desktop browsers only and was last updated June 4, 2024.