What's your business?

Jun 13, 2007 Michael Wurzer

Why is the Internet access at conference hotels so bad? It doesn’t seem to matter where I go for business meetings, if a large or even medium or small group is involved, the Internet access is terrible. I’ve been to many RETS meetings where the network just withers as people try to log on. FBS’s Software Development Group is meeting this week at Madden’s Resort in Minnesota that caters to business events like ours, and the Internet service is completely in the toilet. Isn’t this supposed to be the specialty of these businesses? They specifically market to businesses for group events. Why can’t they do a better job at what should be a core competency? Is it that they don’t consider it a revenue center, so they just blow it off? Or is it possible that they don’t consider this a core competency?  Unbelievable.