Videos of FBS Summit Panel on Consumer Facing MLS Listing Portals

Jun 20, 2008 Michael Wurzer

A week or so ago, we held our annual FBS Summit and hosted a panel of speakers on the pros and cons of MLSs creating and promoting consumer facing listing sites.  We recorded the sessions and now have the videos uploaded for public viewing.  We had to break the nearly two hours of video into many small parts and the easiest way to show them all is with the links below.  Over the next week or two, I’ll be writing some posts with additional commentary on some of the videos and embedding them at that time but if you want the full experience just click through the following links.

Victor Lund Part 1

Victor Lund Part 2

Brian Larson Part 1

Brian Larson Part 2

Alex Chang

Duane Sauke Part 1

Duane Sauke Part 2

Question 1 – Do MLS sites favor big brokers, small brokers, both or neither?

Question 2 – Is an MLS site in conflict with IDX?

Question 3 – If an MLS has a public facing site, what are the best ways to drive traffic to brokers? (Pass through versus destination.)

Question 4 – Are leads from a listing search good leads given dual agency? How do consumers choose an agent?

Question 5 – Is promoting an MLS brand in conflict with the brokers’ efforts to promote their own brands? Is advertising by the MLS in conflict with the advertising of the brokers?

Question 6 – Should an MLS spend member dollars on advertising a portal?

Question 7 – How would the branding efforts of a site like Roost compare to what an MLS could or should do?

Question 8 – Can an MLS promote the REALTOR brand and the MLS web site at the same time?

Question 9 How can MLSs help train agents to respond better to consumers? Is that the role of the MLS?