Videos in the MLS and the Long Tail of Real Estate Search

Jan 20, 2008 Michael Wurzer

One of the best videos I’ve seen linked into the flexmls Web system is from Jeremy Hart at NRV Living in the New River Valley MLS.


Jeremy highlights the energy efficiency of the Auz-Bloc or Timbercrete siding on the house. I think this is the kind of detail for which buyers are looking and it raises an excellent question of if and how such details should be tracked in the MLS system. As Greg Kilwein from FBS has said, “MLS systems today capture what is common about properties but what sells the property is what’s uncommon.” The MLS could leverage the long-tail of real estate search, but the question is whether it should? Data quality is a constant concern and trying to track extra details like this may make that more difficult. On the other hand, if these kinds of details are what sell homes, maybe the agents would be more inclined to pay attention to these kinds of details. Either way, capturing these details in a video like Jeremy has done is very useful.

P.S. In an upcoming post, I’ll be highlighting Craig Mische from Alexandria, Minnesota, who also makes good use of video. Stay tuned.