Twittering about RPR and data standards

Jan 21, 2010 Michael Wurzer

Some excerpts from a conversation on Twitter this evening:

screen capture 57

A bit later, after more conversation . . .

screen capture 58

The issue here is the possibility of RPR participating in the RETS with the aim of using the RETS for the RPR public records API. RPR’s willingness to consider participating in standards development is good news.

This could be the opportunity to roll some simplified web services APIs into RETS, because I’m not sure it makes sense to use RETS 1.x for the RPR public records API unless the public records are not standardized and lots of metadata is needed. Where I think RETS could play a very important role with RPR is by offering participating MLSs a repository for exchanging data with their data sharing partners. I’m learning from my hero Kristen, one step at a time, and I’m very appreciative that RPR is listening.