Top 10 Benefits of Business Blogging

Jun 6, 2007 Michael Wurzer

After a mere three months of blogging, providing a top 10 list of benefits may seem presumptuous, but writing what you want is benefit #11 of a blog. So, here you are:

#1 Thinking more about your own thoughts, and committing them to writing.

#2 Hearing others’ perspectives on your thoughts, so you can refine them even further.

#3 Publicly declaring strategies, which builds internal and external expectations and commitment.

#4 Communicating with a (potentially) very wide audience in a manner convenient to them.

#5 Becoming a part of a community (e.g., the, and learning from the community.

#6 Building a community around your business.

#7 Search engine preference for blogs (e.g., FBS is number three for CAR statewide MLS after one post; thanks for the tip, Greg).

#8 Search engine preference + community = potential new clients.

#9 Finding clients that are a good fit, because you’ll each know more about each other.

#10 Growing your business, so you can keep on thinking.

And here’s a number 12 — Developing a thick skin and a stronger mind.