The “Web-Centric Model of Real Estate”

Sep 19, 2008 Michael Wurzer

The Notorious R.O.B. has a great post today after hearing Mariana Wagner speak at RE BlogWorld today, and the facts stood out:

Mariana presented some great “real data” from three weeks of her own operations, her own blog, her own website. The numbers are quite amazing. 154 signups, 66 with real email and phone numbers, etc. leading to twelve contracts (8 in contract, 3 closed, and 1 in negotiation).

Here’s what I’m wondering about:

Mariana is co-owner of the #1 Team in Colorado Springs. She has other “team members”. What does she need them for?

Rob goes on to explain why he believes “we are headed towards a ‘web-centric’ model of real estate.”  The post is a must-read.

P.S.  This is my third post today, something must be in the air.