Steve Schlangen

Oct 30, 2007 Michael Wurzer

Even though I was very pleased the FBS Blog was referenced by Joel Burslem as one of the single author blogs he reads, the truth is that the FBS Blog has always been intended to be a multi-author blog with many of FBS’s employee owners contributing. To date, Greg Kilwein and I have been the only two authors, but I’m now pleased to also introduce Steve Schlangen.

Steve brings many talents to FBS, including being our pilot, a lead account executive and a trainer. Steve was hired by FBS over a decade ago to run a charter operation we had then, but, as fate would have it, we needed Steve to get into MLS sales and so he did — very well. Steve has been a key to our rapid growth over the last seven or eight years and I’m excited that he’ll be writing for the FBS Blog.

Steve will be covering several areas for us, with his first post focused on his passion of flying. Steve also is planning a series of posts highlighting some of the interesting things our international customers are doing with flexmls Web. I suspect we’ll also get regaled occasionally with posts from the road, as Steve travels quite a bit for FBS both as pilot and account executive.

Please welcome Steve and I hope you enjoy his posts.

P.S. Following Greg’s path, I’ll be working on adding individual author feeds for those who just want to follow certain FBS Blog authors.