Photo Tours: To Auto Rotate (Pan and Zoom) or Not

Jan 23, 2009 Michael Wurzer

One of our products is an IDX smart-frame, which includes a photos tab. On that photos tab, we present all the photos from the MLS but we don’t auto-rotate the photos. We made this decision because we found it hard to find the right rotation speed for our taste — it was either too fast or too slow. However, some of our competitors offer auto-rotating, auto-zooming and auto-panning photo tours and we’ve heard from some customers and prospects that these are important features.

Before we add them, however, we thought it might useful to see what you all think. So, is auto-rotating the way to go?

Is auto-rotating better than manual for photo tours?
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Also, do you think auto-zooming and panning more important than auto-rotating?

Is auto-zooming and panning more important than auto-rotating for photo tours?
( surveys)

Thanks for your feedback.