One Year Later: Understanding and Marketing “Under the Hood”.

Aug 6, 2014 Kim Prior

The 13 months that I’ve been with FBS have been rather incredible.

In my time here, I have learned so much, and am still peeling the onion. I’m consistently blown away by the prolific brilliance of our team. It’s a joy to work with talented folks and shared mindsets. There’s a proactive focus on understanding where the business, stakeholders and consumer are headed and subsequently, focusing company efforts around initiatives that move products ahead thoughtfully, with the customer’s success at top of mind. Service is a genuine priority (and it’s genuine service). The focus on quality is tremendous; I love the commitment we have to our customers to get it right. Marketing (what I do) is a fascinating and dynamic challenge.

We’re recognized for delivering a great MLS system (Flexmls) and often called out for the unique features that set us apart from the competition. Our results speak to those factors: growing market share, unmatched retention and strong customer feedback. But there’s more to it than meets the eye. At FBS, the real magic happens behind the scenes through the personal service we provide and the Spark platform that powers our Flexmls system. The Flexmls system is our attention grabbing, sexy, muscle car but it’s what’s under the hood (the Spark platform) that makes for a convincing ride, compelling handling and an awesome experience overall. What’s under the hood closes the deal.

But sexy cars and bells and whistles are easy to market! Engines and drive trains? Well, they’re intrinsically… less sexy. There’s that “dynamic challenge” I referenced earlier!

Truly understanding the Spark platform and the empowerment it creates are key to grasping the comprehensive (and growing) Flexmls value proposition to MLS, Broker, Agent and consumer. Buzz-word filled collateral, press releases and drip emails aren’t the answer; understanding how the big stuff comes together with Flexmls is the answer. So I’m going to start painting the big picture.

In the coming weeks, I’ll be posting a few blogs: high level enough to keep your attention and deep enough to get the key details across. I’ll share why FBS will be the necessary future partner for MLSs and brokers, explaining the Flexmls real estate business ecosystem, powered by Spark (going under the hood). I’ll share how what we’ve developed (and are developing) will bring consumers and Agents closer than ever before through the best information available that flows freely through many systems, powerful native mobile applications fully synch’d with Web and brilliant collaboration tools created with the customer in mind.

So stick with me on the marketing journey. I promise to keep it interesting, at the very least!

Next up: How Flexmls, powered by Spark, can provide brokers and agents with more choices and the best real estate information possible to deliver an unmatched customer experience.

Until the next time – Kim Prior