New RPR Draft License Agreement Includes Right to Resell Listings, Just Not to Moving Companies

Feb 22, 2010 Michael Wurzer

RPR has posted the latest draft of the license agreement they are proposing to MLSs. The draft attempts to address some of the concerns that have been discussed publicly and privately. From my review, the draft still does not live up to earlier statements that RPR would not disclose listing-level information. Instead, 1.w attempts (I think) to address some of the concerns by agreeing not to sell the MLS listings to anyone who is going to use the information to contact property owners or agents (e.g., moving companies, etc.). But is re-sale of listings to build a contact database the only concern?

What now appears clear is that RPR wants the ability to sell the MLS listings to others. By explicitly stating one narrow exception without categorically prohibiting resale of listing-level info, RPR is reserving to itself the right to sell listings to others. Let me know if I’m missing something in my interpretation or if you see something I don’t.