New Feature Friday: The Gumshoe Automatic Escalation Feature

Mar 8, 2013 Michael Wurzer

I’m starting a new series of posts that I’m hoping will occur at least one Friday a month, where I’ll be highlighting new features for Flexmls Web. Historically, I’ve tried to avoid that because the FBS Blog mostly has focused on industry-level discussions but I’m hopeful a post a month won’t be overkill or alienate too many readers here just for the industry-level goodness. So, if you’re not a Flexmls user, just ignore the New Feature Friday posts, and check in with us on other days. For those of you using Flexmls, please read on!

Gumshoe Detective Report

For a few years now, we’ve had a report in the administrative module of Flexmls called the Gumshoe Detective Report. The purpose of this report is to flag users who may have had their login compromised or exposed to someone not entitled to use it. We pour all sorts of metrics into an algorithm that ranks logins by probability of compromise and confidence level in that probability. The report then provides the MLS with all sorts of details regarding activity on that account, such as:

Login from San Diego, California, United States on 2013-02-27 15:34:02 was 7407 miles from the login from Makati, Manila, Philippines on 2013-02-27 19:08:52. That means [user] would have had to travel at 2,068 MPH for this to be possible.

These reports have been very helpful to MLS administrators to ensure login security, but we wanted to take it a step further and automate the follow-up and follow-through process on the reports.

Gumshoe Automatic Escalation

The automatic escalation feature improves the Gumshoe Report by allowing MLS administrators to set a variety of parameters for when to send users an email alert about the possibility their login has been compromised. After the user has been notified a specified number of times with no action, the MLS can then be notified to take further action or the system also can be set to automatically disable the compromised account after a specified number of warnings have been sent.

If you’re an MLS administrator using Flexmls and you’d like to learn more about this feature, you should be getting an email in the next day or two about a webinar Melissa will be doing on this and some other new admin features. If you don’t get the email and would like to attend the webinar, comment below and I’ll send you the link.