Mystery Week

May 17, 2007 Michael Wurzer

Here’s another mini-mystery. One of our clients forwarded me a copy of the following e-mail he received this morning:

From: “MLS Survey” <>
Date: May 17, 2007 5:31:31 AM CDT
Subject: National MLS
Reply-To: “MLS Survey” <>

Should there be a National MLS?

This has been a hot topic in the real estate grapevine. Is it a good idea?
Is one on the way? Will such a thing work?

If you have ever felt frustrated by the fees imposed by your local MLS and
associations we ask that you please visit the following website.

Please take a few seconds to answer just 4 simple questions. Things CAN
change and this is the first step.

Thank you.

Does anyone know who is sponsoring this survey? I searched whois for the URL registration but that didn’t reveal anything interesting. Has anyone else received this same e-mail?