My Most Used Sites

Jan 5, 2009 Michael Wurzer

There’s a self-inflicted meme going around about the web sites you use most.  I like this idea, so here are my favorites/most used, in no particular order:

  • Self-hosted Confluence by Atlassian — This is our intranet at FBS and where I spend most of my time on a daily basis.
  • Self-hosted Jira by Atlassian — Our issue tracker, which I engage with mostly through Atlassian’s very cool email commenting function.
  • Cacti — which we use to track performance metrics for our flexmls Web system.
  • flexmls Web — this is the app we develop, and I spend quite a bit of time there every day.
  • NetSuite — Gotta keep track of those financials!
  • WordPress — The software that runs the FBS Blog.
  • Gmail and Apple Mail.
  • Google Reader.
  • Twitter and Twitpic.
  • Monster — This has only been recently as we’re looking for some new hires.

I don’t use Facebook or LinkedIn enough to warrant putting them on the list.  I also could mention my Blackberry Pearl as a tool, but that’s sort of like saying oxygen is a tool.  What are your most used sites?