MLSPIN Becomes Charter Member of Spark Platform

May 1, 2012 Michael Wurzer

I’m pleased to announce that MLSPIN has signed a letter of intent to be a charter MLS member on the Spark Platform.  With over 30,000 members in Boston and the surrounding area, MLSPIN is one of the largest MLSs in the country and has always been a strong advocate for data standards and innovation in the MLS industry.

One of the most exciting aspects of working with an MLS like MLSPIN is that they’ve built their MLS system in-house and have an excellent team of developers who can leverage the Spark API for their members and, if they choose, market their innovations to other MLSs using the Platform. For any MLS with an in-house development team, the Spark Platform provides a fantastic opportunity to have the best of in-house responsiveness while also leveraging a standards-based development platform.

I asked Kathy Condon, CEO of MLSPIN, if she could provide a quote for this post, and she said, “We’re excited to work with FBS on this project to leverage the new RESO data dictionary and bring to our brokers and agents the innovations possible from this new development in real estate technology.”

With MLSPIN becoming a charter member, the Spark Platform is now expected to reach over 230,000 brokers and agents.