MLS History Video

Jul 3, 2007 Michael Wurzer

Inspired in part by Greg Robertson’s post on Top 10 Vendor Breakthroughs and also the Clareity MLS history party I missed a few years ago, we’re trying to make a short video capturing some of the history of MLS, and we’re wondering if any of you are interested in helping.

First, what are the biggest events in MLS history for you? Being an MLS vendor, we naturally think of technology, like the evolution from the shoe box to the three ring binder to the MLS book to the PC and Web. But there’s also the important history of the MLS organizations themselves. For example, who knows where the first MLS was formed? I vaguely recall from an AE Convention that maybe it was in St. Louis? Is that right? What other major events do you think we should cover? What are the top changes in MLS you’ve experienced or remember? What stands out?

Second, if you have any pictures or logos or other digital stuff you’d like to send us, that would be fantastic. Or if any of you have one of those old Silent 707 terminals you could loan us for a week or so, we’ll gladly pay shipping to and fro. If you don’t already know my e-mail address, just leave a comment and I’ll reply back to you.

Assuming we come up with something good, we’ll be posting the video right back here, so you’ll be able to see your stuff put into action and we’re hoping it’s a fun video, showing the many changes MLSs have and continue to face.