Missing the Hoopla

Aug 2, 2007 Michael Wurzer

xray_glassesI’m back at the office, missing all the fun at Inman Connect and only able to watch the blow by blow through the RE.net as everyone parties and parries, all of which has me thinking about the need for some long-term perspective. I’m reminded of childhood and the ads in comic books for see-through glasses. I need a pair of those now, only they need to see through all the hype. I often find myself getting caught up in every announcement, press release and blog entry, and worrying about what’s next. Yet, the truth is only told over time, and, even then, is fleeting at best. While one cannot ignore what others are doing, strategy cannot be reactive either. So, maybe I’m better off back at the office working on stuff our clients need, rather than partying at Connect. But, it sure does look like fun and I’d love to meet in person some of the bloggers I’ve met online over the last six months. Maybe next year.