Matthew Consalvo (ARMLS CEO​) and Chris Carrillo (MetroMLS​ CEO​) to Share Insight at Upcoming FBS Summit​

May 30, 2018 Michael Wurzer

We’re counting down to our annual FBS Summit, assembling a fantastic agenda that helps to educate, engage, and foster meaningful dialogue with our client-partners. Today is the first of a few blogs I’ll share with some information about what’s to come in July.

If you haven’t already registered or checked out the site, the 2018 Summit theme is Together We Lead The Wayunique in that it is both aspirational and inspirational.

At the Summit, FBS and MLS leadership will share current, real, live-initiatives born from shared vision, common goals, and true collaboration. Attendees will hear about and see what’s happening right now, understanding how by working together, we have tremendous power to deliver future-focused solutions for our industry and consumers.

Chris Matt webKicking off some announcements of speakers and agenda topics today, I’m proud to share that we’ll have ARMLS CEO, Matt Consalvo and Metro MLS CEO, Chris Carrillo in attendance. Matt and Chris are longstanding, valued FBS client-partners who beautifully demonstrate collaborative spirit and industry leadership. Their recently announced joint venture, as described on their marketing site, perfectly exemplifies the Summit theme of leading the way together. Through collaboration, they discovered that they share both business and cultural “DNA”. Through an innovative joint venture, they plan to maximize the value of that shared DNA to benefit each other, brokers, agents, and consumers alike.

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Matt and Chris and as you would expect, it was a super-lively, fun, and informative call. They may or may not have used a Milli Vanilli analogy – you decide.

Kidding aside, it’s an honor to have such bright and insightful associates. Here’s a little taste of what they had to share. Chris added, “We believe long-term success is accomplished by taking the foundation of what’s already contributed to our organization’s success, including our partners, and building upon that.  Why risk what made us special by abandoning our core in pursuit of something new, shiny, and unproven? To us,jumping into a one-size fits all anything is likely not the solution.” During our chat, it was clear that their new venture is about maximizing what’s shared and preserving what’s unique about each of their organizations including maintaining their individual, hyper-local approach. That’s a beautiful thing! Matt added great wisdom here stating, “So often, new industry entities want to be the sole lifeline to the MLS. But first things first, the MLS must be a strong entity all its own and from that place of strength, must be the architect of its own future, aligning with key partners who have a shared vision, who can help make their future aspirations a reality.”

Sound exciting? There’s a lot more where that came from, of that I am sure! Be sure to register for the FBS July Summit today!

Until next time, stay well!

Kim Prior