Map Overlays Now Available in flexmls IDX Developer API

Jun 17, 2010 Michael Wurzer

A few months ago, we added a new feature to flexmls Web that allows each user to define their own map shape overlays. Now we’ve added functionality to allow the shapes in those overlays to be referenced through the web developer API for flexmls IDX. We also have on our project list adding a feature to more easily give shapes to other users, which will help with using the shapes in the API as well.

You can see the full API documentation here, but here’s the new section:

Shapes From My Overlays

The shapes created with the “My Map Overlays” tool can be referenced with the &map_overlays= parameter. Multiple overlays can be specified in a comma-separated list of IDs.

To retrieve the ID of a given overlay, follow these steps:

    1. Visit the My Map Overlays menu item in the Preferences menu, and select the overlay with the shape you wish to use. Once you have chosen your overlay, click the shape you wish to retrieve the key for, then click the edit link, as shown below:

screen capture 23

The contents of the bubble will change, you and will see a link with the text Show API Key:

screen capture 24

The link will be placed with a code to reference this shape by, which will be used as the value to the &map_overlays= parameter.

screen capture 25