Lightning, Google Calendar, GooSync and My Treo -- Magic!

Nov 29, 2007 Michael Wurzer

Until today, I maintained my calendar exclusively on my Treo 700p. Today, however, one of my co-workers, David, told me about Lightning, a calendar extension for the Thunderbird e-mail client, which will sync with Google Calendar. A few minutes later, I discovered GooSync, which syncs my Treo over the air with my Google calendar. So, now my calendar is synced with my laptop and phone and changes on any populate to all. Better yet, I’ve shared my Google calendar with my wife and given her edit privileges, so any changes she makes are automatically synced to my phone and computer, too. This was so easy and is so cool and cost me only $40 for a year of the pro version of GooSync. To get this level of syncing typically requires using Outlook on every machine and all sorts of complications with Exchange servers and whatnot. Instead, I got it going within a matter of minutes for a pittance, largely because of data standards.