Killer App for Real Estate Agents: Mercedes Benz Search and Send

Sep 5, 2007 Michael Wurzer

The Google LatLong blog announces today that certain new Mercedes Benz cars will have the capability of downloading travel routes directly from Google or Yahoo! maps. So, you plan your trip on-line and then get in your car, push a button, and the car’s nav system downloads the planned route and you’re all set. This is a killer app for real estate agents, for all the obvious reasons, and I expect lots of car nav systems (OnStar, etc.) to have this capability. I searched the web for quite awhile with no success looking for API documentation on how to format the data to send to the Search & Send system, but right now it appears exclusive to Google and Yahoo! for some reason. If anyone finds the API documentation let me know, as this would be a great interface to add to our MLS system.