Joshua Darnell Joins FBS

Feb 16, 2015 Michael Wurzer

I’m excited to announce that Joshua Darnell has joined the FBS development team. Many of you likely know Joshua from his work with several other companies in the industry, including Heartland MLS, Terradatum/Homeseekers/FNRES (back in the XMLSweb days), and as the founder of Kurotek Consulting, which has worked with Clareity Security and others in the MLS industry. Joshua also has been active previously in the RESO community.

Joshua brings a wealth of industry knowledge to FBS as well as world-class development expertise, specializing in Ruby on Rails development (as well as Java and many other platforms), which is the core development platform for FBS’s Spark API and Flexmls Web MLS and IDX products.

One of the most rewarding aspects of being part of an employee-owned company is the opportunity to attract and work with the most talented people, and that’s why I’m most excited to have Joshua joining our company. Please join me in welcoming Joshua to FBS!

P.S. Joshua will be working from his home in La Jolla, California. Can you imagine why?