iPod Generation

Apr 29, 2007 Michael Wurzer

ipodLast Saturday, I had one of my best friends and his kids over for a barbeque with me and my kids (my wife was away on a girls weekend). I had my iPod playing music from one of those docking/portable speaker units. As diffeerent songs would come up, my friend’s son was commenting on how much he liked this or that song, which spurred some nice conversations. We talked about Johnny Cash, U2, Prince, and others. I’m 41 and he’s 14. We had a lot in common. Maybe we’re embarking on the iPod generation.

P.S. For anyone over 40 who liked music when you were younger but, like me, got sidetracked for 10 or 15 years by kids and such, I highly recommend that you go out right now and buy a music player and burn all your music to it. It will take you a day or a weekend, depending on your collection, but you’ll love having your music so accessible. It’s really a revelation to have your entire collection in such a small device that you can play in your car, in your office, or anywhere. And maybe your kids will like your music, too. ?