I'm now an OSX fanboy

Dec 2, 2008 Michael Wurzer

Awhile ago, I wrote about my experiences with Windows Vista on my IBM/Lenovo X61 tablet.  Short summary: loved the hardware, hated Vista.

A few weeks ago, I bought a new MacBook.  It arrived, I turned it on, and in about four weeks of usage, I think I’ve turned it off twice (intentionally).  Otherwise, it just runs and runs fast.  This is what an operating system is supposed to do and so I’m now a big-time fan of OSX.

The hardware is okay, too, but that’s not the reason I’d get a Mac — it’s all about the OS.  In fact, I really don’t like the sharp edges on the MacBook, which are uncomfortable when using the laptop in, of all things, your lap.  I also don’t like that there is no docking station, apparently because Jobs thinks any openings on the bottom are bad.  Nor do I like that I needed to buy a new monitor and new, special cables for the new monitor, and an aircard because I couldn’t tether my Blackberry with it as I had for years on Windows.  Nor am I fanboy because OSX is easier to use; it isn’t, especially if you’re used to Windows.  Lastly, it isn’t because OSX is more secure; it likely isn’t for long.

Overall, I’m not a Mac fanboy at all but I am an OSX fanboy, because it’s fast and stable, which means a lot when you use your computer every day, most of the day. I open my MacBook and it’s instantly on.  Close my MacBook and it shuts down nicely, without stranding my applications or work.  Open it again, instantly on.  All my applications are tucked neatly into their spaces, running continuously without repeated failures.

When it comes to the cult of Apple, I’m with Bart, but when it comes to the efficiency and efficacy of OSX, I’m a huge fan!