Heads Down, Thumbs Up.

Aug 18, 2021 Kim Prior

Wow, how is this possible? It seems we blinked and summer 2021 is on its way out. Our team has been so focused on creating and delivering value to our client-partners and the MLS community that we haven’t really come up for air. And although the results speak for themselves, I thought I’d highlight a few to accompany the formal press release that talks about our newest MLS client-partners.  

  • We added 17,000 new Flexmls Platform subscribers in 7 MLS accounts through new contracts (that’s 6% new growth in 6 months) while 
  • 100%* of existing MLS client-partners with Flexmls contracts that were up for renewal chose to renew (that’s nearly ⅓ of our awesome MLS client-partners!) and 
  • We launched our latest innovation, the FlōPlan® floor plan creation app, to 78% of our Flexmls subscribers and IRES, our first non-Flexmls-Platform, FlōPlan System partner.
  • All the while, we’ve averaged a CSAT (customer satisfaction) of 4.8 (out of 5) and an average call wait time of 49 seconds and
  • Introduced Kari Autry as our new VP product, joining our highly experienced, executive team to lead an MLS-focused, innovative, FBS product strategy well into the future.

This growth and progress multiplies the opportunities to partner closely with MLS and industry, fueling innovation that’s laser-focused on supporting and promoting the MLS purpose and vision of making the market work, creating healthy competition through cooperation. 

Click here to read more about our recent new Flexmls Platform MLS client-partners. 

*excluding mergers