Flying High

May 23, 2007 Michael Wurzer


On Monday, we were flying to Arizona and got diverted by weather to Sydney, Nebraska, where we were fueled by a real racer. Despite this highlight, what was supposed to be six hours of travel time turned into nearly eight, with lots of bumping along the way due to the weather.


On our way home on Tuesday, the first leg of our flight was awesome. Smooth sailing at 25,000 feet with a tail wind pushing us to 280 knots (about 320 MPH), which looks like this.

Combined with the serendipity of the iPod shuffle producing the perfect song to go along with our high flying, this was an awesome ride.

elevation2Unfortunately, weather got the better of us later in the day, diverting us this time into Bismarck, North Dakota, where we had to stay the night. Of course, we had no extra change of clothes, so the flight back this morning was a bit . . . dirty. It is nice to be home, though, and I still feel elevated from the awesome flight yesterday.