Flexmls Makes Tracks at FBS Summit 2014 in San Diego

Feb 24, 2014 Michael Wurzer

flexmls tracks

We held our FBS Summit last week in San Diego, and some of our attendees shared pictures with us of Flexmls tracks they left in the sand on the beach.

Last week was the first time we’ve held the Summit at a location other than in Fargo, and I think everyone had a really great time. A big part of the Summit involved users providing feedback and usability testing on some new products we’re planning to release and that feedback was very helpful to make the products even better.

In addition to gathering input from customers on new features they’d like to see for Flexmls, we also held a session specifically on how we can improve the services FBS offers along with our product. We framed this session as “If I were the CEO . . .” and had each breakout group conduct a “write storm” (similar to a brain storming session, but focused on writing stuff down) to share the ideas they had with the others in their group and ultimately with FBS. Gathering input and feedback about FBS as opposed to just focusing on Flexmls was really interesting and helpful to us.

Another track for the Summit was focused on encouraging innovation at the MLS by promoting data standards. Bob Gottesman, RESO‘s Executive Director, provided an update on the progress RESO has been making lately with the data dictionary. Prior to Bob’s talk, we had Greg Robertson from WR Studios and Cloud CMA on a panel to relay how data standards benefit third-party developers and allow them to bring innovation to many MLSs more cost-effectively than they could without them.

Last but certainly not least, we also helped the Boys and Girls Clubs of San Diego make some tracks by building and donating ten bikes (five boys and five girls) to kids they identified as being leaders in their groups. The looks on the faces of the kids when they received their bikes was a great way to conclude our Summit in San Diego, and it made me ready for the next one.

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